Abed Holdings Ltd. was formed in 1999 with the objective of establishing a sustainable and continually improving construction company. Our aim is to provide quality constructions to our clients while fostering lasting relationships with them, and other professionals, government bodies, and suppliers. As building contractors and developers,Abed Holdings Ltd. is well equipped to undertake the most technical constructions, and to direct and manage the work process from design to handover. We are a well-established mid-tier company with an exceptional skill base undertaking educational, commercial, multi-level residential and industrial constructions as well as design and construction projects throughout Dhaka City, Chittagong and Mymensingh.


We are proud to introduce ourselves as a group of companies operating in Bangladesh for over 20 years with trust and esteemed reputation in our particular sectors. Among us we have Abed Holdings Ltd at the core which is a real estate development company in Bangladesh. The focus of the company primarily is to deliver state of the art, green and compliant commercial structures changing the skyline of our Capital city Dhaka while catering to the needs of our prestigious clientele who are among the top financial institutions of both home and abroad. The company has been shaped and spear headed into the real estate industry with the vision and guidance of Mr. A.K.M Barkatullah who is the founder of the company as well as the driving force of a group of business wings Abed Holdings Ltd has been leading.


Abed Holdings Ltd. has become a trusted name in the real estate sector since its inception in 1999. Managed by a dedicated team of qualified professionals, AHL has continuously ensured its trademark construction standards, timely delivery of projects and excellent customer service.


Abed Holdings Ltd. always strives to fulfill its commitments and thus enjoys a resonant reputation in the construction industry. The collective experience, skill and dedication of its senior management competently covers all aspects of AHL’s functions – from property acquisition and finance to project planning, regulatory compliance, construction, marketing and project completion.