Managing Director

The Founder & Managing Director

A.K.M Barkatullah

Mr. Barkatullah’s portfolio does not end there; he has enjoyed a prolific career in various other successful business ventures over the past three decades. During this time he helped shape and form APEX Footwear Limited – the leading exporter and manufacturer of leather footwear & leather products in Bangladesh with over 200 retail outlets around the country. It is worth noting that Apex footwear limited is taking a bold step to compete with international footwear brands like Bata and has successfully established itself as the second largest Footwear retailer/manufacturer in Bangladesh. Further, it also worthy to acknowledge that under his leadership as the former Managing Director of Apex Bangladesh, Apex gained acclaimed stature both nationally and internationally. After this; Mr. Barkatullah set his sights on further growing and revolutionizing the industry with multiple business ventures such as Abed Holdings Ltd, MB Associates, & NAG Traders ltd.
NAG Traders Ltd a member of IBCCI (India-Bangladesh chamber of commerce and industry)&MB Associates are subsidiary companies of the parent company Abed Holdings Ltd; NAG Traders LTD & MB Associates have been engaged in trading with India since their inception and their existence is derived from the idea and practice of enriching trade between the two great neighboring countries of India & Bangladesh and other respective nations.
Message From Managing Director

As a company we have identified the changing environment in today’s work spaces, and the need for facilities where IT enabled organizations can operate with resources such as data centers, backup services and excellent connectivity. With this in mind, we have built our flagship project “DR Tower”. AHL’s primary goal is to create a financial hub in downtown Dhaka, catering to the specific needs of our clients without compromising quality or green sustainability.